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Types of Slimming Swimsuits for Women

Planning your first trip as a couple to the beach? Well, if you are nervous about your figure, then a slimming swimsuit is the perfect option for you.

Slimming Swimsuits

For selecting the right slimming swimsuits, there are certain things you need to consider. Read on to know more. Similar to a situation w

How to Select Wetsuits for Women

Wondering how to select the best wetsuits for women? Then use these tips, while shopping for womens wetsuit. When shopping for a wetsuit,

Wetsuits for Men

Selecting the right wetsuit according to the water activities you will be participating in is important. This article will provide useful tips that will help yo

Types of Bathing Suit Fabric

While shopping for an attractive bathing suit, it is not just the color, pattern, and the design that should strike us. The fabric is as important as any of the

Tankini Tops

Tankini tops are swimsuits opted by women who wish to reveal less yet look appealing. Read this Buzzle article that would help you pick the hottest one for your

Bathing Suit Cover-up Ideas

Bathing suit cover-ups or wraps are essential when you go swimming, as they can save you from the harsh sunburns. This article shares some ideas on this topic.

Plus Size Board Shorts

Plus size board shorts provide comfort and coverage, without compromising on style. Read on to know the various designs and styles available for board shorts.

Monokini Body Type

Women having a well-toned figure can flaunt a monokini without any worries. You will come across the styles of these swimsuits that suit different types of bodi

Rash Guards for Women

Rash guards are a good choice for sun protection and various other adventure sports. This article gives more information about what they are and which brands to

Swimsuit Shopping Tips

Summer is no time to hide behind bulky clothes and you need to purchase a swimsuit if you want to hit the beach. But finding the perfect swimsuit that will flat

Swimsuit Care Instructions

No matter how good the quality your swimsuit is, it has to be cared for properly if you want to make it last long. Heres how you can make this task easier...

Tankinis for Juniors

Tankinis look fashionable, sporty, feminine and modest, all at once! If you are planning to get one for yourself, you will certainly find the information given

How to Make Your Own Swimsuit

If you do not wish to spend much on swimsuits, or if you are not very happy about the fit of the swimsuit available in stores; this article will tell you how to

Boy Shorts Swimwear

Boy shorts swimwear make every feminine body type look fabulous, hiding problem areas and accentuating the good points of a body frame. To know more about this

Monokini Swimsuits

A type of swimwear that is all the rage today, monokini swimming costumes are a popular option for those women, who are not comfortable donning a bikini. In thi

Skirtini Bathing Suits

Flaunting yourself in skirtini bathing suits at a beach or at a pool party can turn heads, without making you look vulgar and making you feel embarrassed about

Slimming Swimsuits for Older Women

Heres information on slimming swimsuits for older women, if you are planning for a beach vacation this summer. Your desperate search for a perfect slimming swim

Can a Swimsuit Help You Swim Faster?

Indeed it can! The kind of swimwear you don can have an impact on the speed you swim with. This Buzzle article brings you all the facts, separated from the myth

Swimsuits for Different Body Shapes

You dont need to resemble a runway model to slip into a sexy swimsuit. All you need to do is read this Buzzle article to understand which swimsuit appeals to yo

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