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The Different Swimming Strokes / Styles

The most common swimming strokes or styles are the freestyle stroke, the breaststroke, the backstroke and the butterfly stroke.

Freestyle Stroke: Overview and Swimming Technique

The freestyle stroke, also known as front crawl, is the fastest and most efficient of the competitive swimming strokes. ThatR

How to Swim the Breaststroke

The breaststroke is without a doubt one of the most popular swimming strokes. In fact, many recreational swimmers are perfectly

Backstroke Swimming Technique – Overview

Backstroke (or back crawl) is, as its name suggests, the only one of the four competitive swimming strokes swum on the back. In

The Butterfly Stroke – Overview

The butterfly stroke has a special place among the competitive swimming strokes. It has a reputation of being hard to learn. It

Sidestroke Swimming Technique – Part 1

The sidestroke is a swim stroke swum on the sides. It is not used in competitions and therefore less known nowadays. Because it

Sidestroke Swimming Technique – Part 2

IntroductionThis is the second part of a two part article about the sidestroke. The first part covered the position of the body

Drills to Learn Swimming Sidestroke

The sidestroke is an old swimming stroke that can be fun to swim. This article proposes a sequence of dry land exercises and swi

The Backstroke Kick – Swimming Technique

The backstroke kick is a flutter kick. Its technique is similar to the kick used in the freestyle stroke, with the difference th

Backstroke Swimming Technique – Body Position and Head Position

This article discusses backstroke swimming technique, and more specifically body position, body roll and head position.A good po

The Basic Swimming Strokes – Advantages & Shortcomings

On this page we will get to know the basic swimming strokes that are currently taught in swimming classes. We will also learn ab

Breaststroke Kick – Swimming Technique and Tips

The breaststroke kick is the kick used by breaststroke swimmers. While at a first glance its technique may look simple, there a

Swimming Breaststroke – Breathing Technique and Tips

This article explains the breathing technique used while swimming breaststroke. It covers breathing for recreational, fitness an

Butterfly Swimming Technique – Body Movements

Learning proper butterfly swimming technique requires that you first master the wave-like body movements. Once this body undulat

Butterfly Technique – Arm Stroke Movements

This butterfly technique article explains how to properly execute the arm stroke movements. Those movements are somewhat similar

Freestyle / Front Crawl Stroke: Breathing Technique and Tips

In the front crawl stroke, breathing is a technique by itself that can take some time to master. This is because the head is sub

Why Learn Several Different Swimming Strokes?

Are you wondering if learning all the different swimming strokes makes sense? Or if sticking to your favorite swim stroke is eno

The Dolphin Kick Technique in the Butterfly Stroke

Butterfly stroke swimmers execute a dolphin kick. Both legs do a simultaneous whipping motion with feet pointed. This technique

Elementary Backstroke Swimming Technique

Elementary backstroke is a basic swimming technique that is easy to learn and therefore useful for improving your water confiden

The Flutter Kick: Swimming Technique and Common Mistakes

This article describes the technique of the flutter kick in the front crawl stroke. It also covers common mistakes, kicking rhyt

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