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Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners - Tips For Choosing

2016/7/21 14:42:38

Your swimming pool is a mess and you want to go swimming. Is it time to purchase an automatic pool cleaner? Here are some tips.

Let's go swimming! Wait, the pool is a mess, who wants to clean and vacuum the pool first? Is this the time to purchase an automatic swimming pool cleaner? If the answer is yes, here are a few options which are available today.

SUCTION SIDE CLEANERS - These types of automatic cleaners operate off the suction side of your filter pump. No additional pump is needed. These cleaner typically connect into the plumbing of the pool either through a separate line on the side of the pool or through the piping of the skimmer. The amount of suction which goes to the cleaner is usually controlled by a valve which would be located in the area of the pool equipment and could also be controlled with valves and accessories which are supplies with the cleaner. There are many different types of units available, some ride around on plastic feet, small pads and some cruise around in the pool on brushes. The dirt and debris which is picked up is deposited in the pump basket and in the pool filter for removal.

Also available for pools which collect a large amount of leaves, separate leaf canisters which collect the debris before the pump and filter (Installed inline in the hose which floats in the pool).

PRESSURE SIDE CLEANERS - These types of cleaners operate much like the suction side cleaner except that these types of cleaners require a separate high pressure pump to operate. This pump would be installed next to the pool pump and filter and requires a separate plumbing line installed back to the pool. Cleaners of this type typically have a bag which collects the dirt and debris from the pool. Once the bags are full the cleaner is removed from the pool, the bag removed and emptied.

ELECTRIC CLEANERS - The third type of automatic cleaner operates independently of the existing pool system. These units have a long power cord attached to a low voltage transformer which plugs into a 110 volt outlet. These types of cleaners move around the pool collecting debris and dirt, depositing it into a bag or cartridge with is usually attached tot he cleaner unit housing. These units typically are used on an as needed basis and removed from the pool water when they are not in use.

All three types of cleaners function well and remove the dirt and debris from your swimming pool. Research all the styles, models and brands available and make your choice. Automatic swimming pool cleaners can cause your pool to become much more enjoyable and much easier to maintain. Why spend your time cleaning and vacuuming your swimming pool, purchase an automatic cleaner and have more time to enjoy your swimming pool.

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