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Comparing Premier Pools To Other Pool Builders

2016/7/21 15:21:54

Putting a swimming pool in your backyard is a big investment, not only in the value of your home, but in the quality of life for you and your family. Most people take this very seriously and do their due diligence in researching pool builders long before the pick up the phone to invite them to their homes to bid on their project. This is a necessity as there are many Pool Builders vying for your business and you need to educate yourself on what qualities to look for when interviewing them.

Although a swimming pool needs to be beautiful and aesthetically appealing, it is major construction that requires special expertise specific for building swimming pools. A general contractor is legally allowed to build swimming pools but pool builders have much more experience since they do it every day. Quite often they will have their own crews that specialize in each phase of pool construction. So now that it is established that you need to use pool builders instead of general contractors, the question would be� how do you determine which one is the best?

First you need to look at the way they construct their pools. Sure, all pool builders use steel rebar in their gunite pools as well as pvc plumbing but did you know that pool builders can use different sizes and amounts that would greatly impact the stability and efficiency of your pool? All local municipalities have building codes for how much steel needs to be in a standard residential pool but they don’t make pool builders factor in the different kinds of soil that pools are built in. Some soil is very hard and stable while others are soft and unstable. Areas with hard clay expand when wet and shrink when dry and should have extra steel in the frame so that is stays in place.

Premier Pools & Spas, the nation’s #1 ranked swimming pool builder, uses a steel schedule with more and bigger rebar in all their pools as a standard. It does cost a few hundred dollars to put more steel in a pool, but it is money well spent as it will prevent your pool structure from moving and cracking. Other pool builders who want to come in with the lowest bid won’t even discuss this option with you because of the additional expense.

Another thing that Premier Pools & Spas’ designers will discuss is the size of plumbing and how it impacts water flow. The amount of water that is pushed through your pool pump and the flow rate determine how efficiently your pool water will be cleaned and filtered. More water and faster flow rate cleans your pool better. You can get an idea for what this means by looking at a fast flowing mountain stream. The water is clear, clean and sparkling.

Then look at trickling stream or a pool of stagnant water on the ground. It is dirty and murky. To get this fast and efficient flow rate, you need bigger plumbing. You can have the biggest pool pump available on your pool but you can’t push water efficiently through small plumbing. Most pool builders use smaller plumbing, again to bring in a lower bid, but the slight extra cost of bigger pipes more than makes up for the money you will save on your electric bill.

If the pool builders that you are getting bids from are not talking about steel schedules and plumbing size, you can bet they are using the minimum.

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