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Top 5 Tips To Buy An Inflatable Swimming Pool

2016/7/21 15:26:50

Inflatable swimming pools are the best way to beat the summers and enjoy with your family. These are the above ground pools which can be inflated easily by air.Inflatable swimming pools are easy to set ,with no installation costs. They are very easy to maintain and cheap . An inflatable swimming pool can be installed and filled with water with in 20 minutes . They are the best option for you if you don’t have enough space at your home . Inflatable swimming pool comes out with a variety of shapes , sizes, colors and themes which provide you lot of combinations you can select from . Here are the few tips which you should take care of while buying an inflatable swimming pool :-

1.Determine the Size :- Before buying an inflatable swimming pool decide the place in your home where you want to keep your swimming pool and take measurements of that area . Keep enough room around the pool for clearance . You may also need to install a filter around the pool . keep enough space space so that you can move around the pool easily and install any pool supports if necessary .

2.Type of Swimming pool :- Decide which swimming pool would be best for you family depending on the family size and your requirements . The size of inflatable swimming pool can vary from 8 feet to 20 feet . So decide the size of the pool according to your family size and your budget . The Above ground pools like Intex remain in your backyard only during the time you swim and are cheaper as compared to steel permanent pools

3.Select Shape of Pool :- Inflatable swimming pools are available in various types of shapes like rectangular , circular and oval . Oval shape Pool Take more space than rectangular or circular pools.

4.Decide a Proper Filter :- Deciding a proper filter for your pool is also important . A filter comes mainly in three types :- D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth), Sand filte and Cartridge . The filter selection depends on the size of pool . For eg:- A large cartridge filter is better than a D.E filter in a big pool . Sand Filters are mostly used for above ground pools because of their low rates . A sand filter can trap particles up to 20 microns in size . A cartridge filter can trap particles up to 10 microns and D.E filter can trap particles up to 4 microns in size.

5.Safety Measures :- Safety of your family is the most important factor you should think about while buying an inflatable swimming pool . Take care of the depth of the pool after installation so that your kids don’t drown in the pool if you don’t keep a watch on them

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