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Gym Workouts for Swimmers

It is the dream of every swimmer to swim fast. But, the stamina for it can be built only after sweating it out in the gym. The workouts listed in this Buzzle article will guide you in the right way.

The main aim of gym exercises for swimmers is to increase their flexibility, power, strength and endurance. There are workouts available for developing specific swimming strokes. The most important part is the strength training workout routine. Though weight training is also a part of the workouts, it should not be done in excess. Its ideal frequency being thrice a week, one should always keep in mind that a swimmers body should not become bulky. However, at the same time, it should be strong, flexible, and lean.


Gym workouts for swimmers should start with a warm-up exercise, which is low in intensity. You can warm up by making use of a rowing machine, a jumping rope, or a treadmill. The motive behind doing a warm-up is to make your body ready for the intensive exercise routine, and increase the blood flow.

Strength Training

A typical gym workout for swimmers should last for an hour, and should include breaks in between the sets of exercises to relax the body. The first step is doing the exercises with dumbbells. You should start off with weights, which weigh anything between ten and twenty pounds. But, at this point, avoid exercising with very heavy weights, even if you have the capacity, and the strength to do it. The workout with dumbbells should involve doing ten to twelve repetitions of the dual extensions overhead, triceps extensions, bicep curls, and the bench press. This exercise circuit can be done thrice.

The triceps and the upper back muscles are strengthened in the strength training exercises by using the weight-assisted dip devices, and also the pull-up training devices. Every workout should contain three sets of dips and pull ups. Strength training also includes doing the quadriceps extensions, hamstring flexions, and the lat pull downs by making use of machines, and using free weights to do the elbow extensions, and the bent-arm fly's. Strength training workouts can be done for two days a week - you can plan them on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Weight Training

Excessive weight training is not meant for the swimmers. It is done with the help of the upper body machines to tone up the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Do around twelve repetitions on the machines. For each group of muscles, the gym workouts should have three sets containing twenty repetitions. The muscle tightness and any kind of injuries can be prevented by swimming a hundred meters using the backstroke, and the freestyle. The weight training workout on a particular day must not be followed with the same workout on the next day. Instead of repeating the exercises, you can just do your regular swimming rehearsals or simply take a day off. This instruction has been given, considering the fact that the muscles of our body needs sufficient time to recover from the intensity of the workout. You can do this exercise on Monday, Thursday, and if possible, on Sundays.

These exercises can give the best returns, if they are done under the supervision of experienced trainers. Swimmers need to take care of their diet along, with proper workout routine to stay fit and achieve their targets.

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