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How To Make Synchronized Swimming Costumes

Those who know how to make synchronized swimming costumes can make custom outfits that complement the synchronized swimming routine. Synchronized swimming costumes are very pricey to buy, so making them yourself can save quite a bit of money. Colorful outfits that harmonize with your team’s performance will excite your audience, and boost your score with the judges.

To make your own synchronized swimming costumes, you will need the following items:

  • Basic swimsuits
  • Fabric trim, like sequins, etc.
  • Swimsuit fabric
  • Sewing scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Ball point sewing needles
  • Ball point straight pins
  • Thread
  • Washable fabric glue
  1. Listen to the music chosen for the routine. Visualize colors and shapes that will complement the feel of the music. Decide on one or two dominant colors.
  2. Check with the rules of your competition to find out the official guidelines for the synchronized swimming costumes. Read them carefully. You don't want to lose points or be disqualified because you violated a rule about costumes. Design and sketch out a costume on paper.
  3. Choose a basic swimsuit in the color(s) you want. Buy them for each member of your synchronized swimming team.
  4. Lay out a suit on a table. Use newspaper to draw and cut out your own paper patterns for appliques that enhance the suit. Estimate how many yards of swimsuit fabric you will need to make appliques for all of the suits.
  5. Go to the fabric store. Bring one of the swimming suits you bought for the team. Choose swimsuit fabric that contrasts nicely with the basic suit. Choose only trims that are colorfast and will not soak up a ton of water.
  6. Pin the paper applique patterns to the swimsuit fabric. Use ballpoint pins. Cut up to three layers of fabric at once.
  7. Sew the applique and trim on the suits. Use a ballpoint needle in your sewing machine. Set the machine for the stretch stitch. Glue small sequins and trims to the suits using a good quality fabric glue.
  8. Design hair designs that will not impede swimming. Coordinate the color of the bun covers, barrettes, hair sticks, etc. with your synchronized swimming costumes. Refer back to the rules to make sure you are following them in regard to hair accessories.

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