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Boy Shorts Swimwear

Boy shorts swimwear make every feminine body type look fabulous, hiding problem areas and accentuating the good points of a body frame. To know more about this swimwear style, scroll down.

Boy shorts are a kind of women's inner wear and look similar to the men's boxer shorts, hence the name boy shorts. They are also known as boy cut panties, boy short panties, boy leg briefs or shorties. Boy shorts as swimwear is a fantastic option. I say so because boy shorts are conservative in design, but stylish and trendy at the same time. Wearing a bikini while swimming can make some uncomfortable or conscious. They may not be regular bikini wearers or a swimsuit does not make them look sexy. Hence, they turn to boy shorts swimwear which are quite in vogue these days and looks absolutely stunning, while adding to your sex appeal. Though they resemble boxer shorts, they are anything but masculine.

Why Should Women Wear Boy Shorts
Every woman wants to look hot and sexy while on a beach or in pool, but everyone does not have a perfect model-like body to flaunt. Boy shorts are prefect swimwear or beach wear, for they not only make you look slender, minimizing your body's flaws, but also make you look super attractive and leave you feeling carefree while enjoying your swim. Boy shorts flatten the upper thighs area and the lower belly area, hence, covering your least favorite body parts and lets you show off your cute navel. They also make your torso look longer and slimmer than before, flattering your body shape. They help you cover stretch marks (if any) with a high waist belted style. Boy shorts are modest and conservative as they cover the entire buttocks and avoid the display of panty lines. Boy shorts personify simplicity with style, leaving an impression of you being relaxed and not conscious of exposing your body.

Boy Shorts Swimwear Styles
Boy shorts are very appealing among women of all ages. They come in various styles and colors. Some are conservative while others are sassy. While boy shorts swimsuits mostly cover your back area, there are some bold patterns that let you flaunt your butt as well. Boy shorts look classy when teamed up with tight-fitting cotton or Lycra camisoles or a skin-tight spaghetti. Apparently, tankini tops along with boy shorts sell like hot cakes. Boy shorts coupled with halter tops also look awesome giving you a retro look, like that of Marilyn Monroe. If you want a more bold look and are confident about flaunting your body shape, pair your shorts with a bikini top, it will look stunningly hot. Boy shorts are also worn as bedroom wear or lingerie, so make sure you buy boy shorts designed for swimming specifically. They come mainly in waterproof Lycra, but you will find them in cotton and terry cotton as well. They make the best slimming swimsuit for women.

Best Makers of Boy Shorts Swimwear
Boy shorts is the perfect answer for summer swimwear. They have been in vogue since the early 90s, and since then, many designers and brands have come up with shorts in myriad colors, sizes and shapes. The most famous brands for boy shorts are:
  • Guess
  • DKNY
  • Victoria's secret
  • Belabumbum Copacabana
  • Calvin Klein (they make sporty boy shorts)
  • Diesel
  • Ed Hardy
  • Adam & Eve
  • Nautica
  • Venus
  • Triumph
  • Anne Cole
Once you try this type of swimsuit, you will look at no other. They are comfortable and allow you to relax at the beach or by the pool, hugging your curves to make you look sexy at the same time. Men find boy shorts appealing and classic. So grab a pair of these shorts, swing your hips and enjoy all the attention at the beach or in the pool. How many more reasons do you need to buy this type of swimwear? Go ahead, slip into these shorts which look very sexy indeed!

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