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Tankinis for Juniors

Tankinis look fashionable, sporty, feminine and modest, all at once! If you are planning to get one for yourself, you will certainly find the information given in this article very useful.

If you think that a bikini exposes too much skin and thus is slightly over-the-top for a teen, at the same time, find one piece swimming dresses to be a wee bit old-fashioned and uncomfortable, then tankinis are the perfect swimwear for you! Tankinis are a two-piece swimsuit, which come with a tank top like upper clothing and a bikini bottom. They offer the same conveniences as a bikini and yet are chic and fashionable in their own way, without being overtly sexy!

Tankini Swimsuits for Juniors

For girls who enjoy playing games such as volleyball at the beach, tankinis are the perfect swimwear. They can play and have fun freely in them, as tankinis stay in place and look absolutely funky, at the same time!

These days, cute tankinis for juniors are available in a variety of styles and designs, to suit the needs of girls of different body shapes. There are tube tops, halter neck tops, bandeaus as well as tops with spaghetti straps to choose from. The halter and the bandeau tankinis come with underwire support at the bustline, making them ideal for juniors when they are participating in the various beach and water activities. As for the bottom, there is the regular bikini one, the skirted one as well as the sporty shorts one. Those on the heavier side can opt for the skirted tankinis as they cover up the entire bottom. These days, you will find a huge variety of skirtini swimwear in the market and thus, can choose the one which suits your tastes. There are also bikini bottoms available which come with built-in tummy controls and are thus ideal for girls who have flabby stomachs or even women who are pregnant!

The tankini tops are available in various sizes. There are really short ones, which end at the navel. Then there are those which show a bit of mid riff as well as the modest ones which go right up to the bikini bottom, even covering some portion of it. Plus size girls can go for the lengthier ones which are slightly loose. While leaner ones can opt for the mini-tighter versions as shown in the adjoining picture.

Juniors tankinis come in some of the most fun prints and colors. Feminine floral prints, whimsical polka dots, chiseled diamonds, trendy stripes and the stunning bold ones are some of the popular patterns of these slimming swimsuits. As for the colors, you name it and you have it! Bright red, solid brown, sea blue, elegant black, sunny yellow, soft pink, natural green and many more other colors are available!

How to Wear Tankinis

The best part about tankinis is the way they can be mixed and match. For instance, a floral printed tankini top can be paired up one day with a bold, plain bikini bottom. And a printed bikini bottom can be teamed with a plain tankini top on another day for an all together different look! This way lots of combination and new looks can be created with this versatile swimwear!

To spice up the look, tankinis should be complimented with a number of fashion accessories. Colored bangles, hats, trendy necklaces, hair bands and glares, worn with these flattering swimsuits, can completely change a person's appearance!

Tankinis make one look fun and flirty. They highlight the shoulders and the arms, while cleverly hiding the bottom and the stomach. They can make any girl look feminine and attractive. And young girls can really feel liberated in them as they can carry on their beach activities in the most unrestrained manner, while looking their best and totally at ease, in these teen fashion essentials! So now, young girls can say bye bye to fad diets, stop fretting and stressing over their supposedly "unshapely" bodies as all their answers have been found in the trendy tankinis!

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