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How to Select Wetsuits for Women

Wondering how to select the best wetsuits for women? Then use these tips, while shopping for women's wetsuit.

When shopping for a wetsuit, there are many important factors you need to keep in mind. The most important factor you need to keep in mind when buying a wetsuit is to check that it fits you perfectly. So, don't try to use some friends wetsuit, as the chances are that it will not fit you right. Also, never think that a man's wetsuit will fit you. A man's wetsuit will float in the shoulder region, will flatten the chest, and make it look all weird too! In men's wetsuit there is no space for the hips, and the waist will most likely will be too big. So, to find the perfect wetsuits visit more than one store, and try on many wetsuits before you make your pick.

Determining the Purpose: First of all, determine for what activities you will be using the wetsuit. If you are looking for a suit for scuba diving then buy a women's scuba wetsuit. If you are looking for triathlon, then buy a women's triathlon wetsuit. If you are looking for wetsuit for water sports activities like kayaking, swimming, surfing, etc., then go for a general water sports wetsuits.

The Fitting: If a wetsuit doesn't fit you well, then it will allow cold water to enter in the suit, making the suit ineffective. So, no matter how expensive the wetsuit is, it will be useless if it doesn't fit you. A wetsuit should allow a small amount of water to enter the suit. This little amount of water then gets warmed by your body's heat and gets insulated by the neoprene. If this doesn't happen, then the water will keep moving through the suit and your body will be cold. The body areas where you can check for this is at the ankle and wrist seals, the base of the spine, and neck.

When you try on a wetsuit, make sure it feels tight when you first put it on. If it doesn't, then it is not the right one. Because, a wetsuit has to be tight (but not very tight also), as a wetsuit will increase about half its size once it is wet. Make sure you buy a wetsuit which allows to circulate water, but not so much that you are always cold.

Comfort Factor: The four factors comfort, durability, performance, and warmth are interrelated. So, try to find a wetsuit which is well-balanced with these three factors, so that you have a good comfortable suit.

Performance: This is the amount of stretch a suit gives, or the least resistance it gives during the watersport activities. Whenever surfing or paddling, there should be least resistance possible, so that there is ease during paddling or performing radical maneuvers.

Durability Factor: This factor depends upon the material the suit is made of. The superstretch materials used to make high performance suits are less durable, while the cheaper neoprene materials are more durable. So, the higher the price the better performance of the wetsuit will be, but it will be less durable.

Warmth: Wetsuits come with different neoprene material thickness. So, thicker the suit, the less the performance will be. Hence, it is important that you find a balance between the warmth and performance factor. For winter select a combination 3, 4, and 5 mm neoprene, for summer go with 2 and 3 mm neoprenes.

So, try on different wetsuits, till you find the proper fitting one. If you are having trouble finding the right wetsuit, then visit sites which let you enter your body dimensions and make a custom fit wetsuit.

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