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Bait Fishing: Catfish Tips For Rivers Near You, Details Here!

You might be surprised there may be 30lb blue catfish or channel catfish or even a flathead monster in a river very close to you. There are parts of small rivers and large rivers that change on the way riffles, holes, and runs always align them selves within the river systems. The key is being able to recognize a riffle because a hole follows down stream, and a run always follows a hole down stream. This pattern is never out of order in any river system. This seems simple but all three of these river elements change in size, in shape all along the river. Also what was identified this year as a good hole may or may not be there next year.

Once you start to recognize this distinct pattern on small or large rivers you can start to identify good holes that may hold populations of blue catfish and channel catfish and your bait fishing efforts will start to be rewarded with good catches of catfish.

Riffles will extend down river and will be shallow and have a hard bottom. The rushing water over these shallow riffles and the rushing water flow will then cut the softer sand and soil creating a hole. Holes are also called a river pools and blue catfish and channel catfish will hold here. Just a note all holes are not created equal. Some holes will only be 2 or 3 feet and may not hold any catfish. Blue catfish and channel catfish will normally hold in the largest and deepest holes. Runs are river flats that begin at the tail out of holes down stream. Many times silt and any debris starts a run by sinking to the bottom of holes. Runs make up the majority of the terrain in the rivers. Eventually runs meet a riffle and another hole will be created down stream of the riffle and potentially more catfish bait fishing opportunities.

Catfish are seasonal and will move to different sections of a river as the seasons change. But how far they move depends on the species of catfish. For example channel catfish may move into small tributaries far removed from the main river, but flathead catfish may only move one tributary away. Blue catfish will seldom move away from the main river and you will only find a very few in tributaries away from the main river. They just very seldom ever move from the deep water of the main river.

One very effective river catfish fishing rig is a slip bobber rig.Slip bobber rigs are great for drifting over catfish holes downstream to find holding catfish. To make a slip bobber rig slide a bobber stop up your line. Next slide a slip bobber on the line. Next slide a small egg sinker up the line, then tie on a two way swivel. Then tie on a 8" leader with a 3/0 to 5/0 hook. Your cutbait type will depend on the type of forage fish are native to the river. For example if creek chubs are plentiful then you definitely would want to be bait fishing with them either as a cut bait or live bait, either would work as your catfish bait selection.

Well folks that concludes our article on bait fishing for catfish on small rivers. We wish you all the luck on your next fishing trip. Have a great day!

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