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How To Teach Synchronized Swimming Lessons

Learning how to teach synchronized swimming lessons can put you on the path to a whole new career. You can teach synchronized swimming to virtually any age group, and while it's a complicated sport, you can start with simple, basic movements that almost anyone can do.

  1. Start with stretches. Performing water stretches simultaneously is a great way to introduce the basics of synchronized swimming. Your class will learn how to move together and get warmed up for the rest of the lesson.
  2. Incorporate more movement. As your class gets better at moving together, start introducing more fluid movements to the synchronized swimming lessons. For example, rather than just arm stretches, put together an arm and a leg stretch to make one move. Always encourage fluidity with the movements.
  3. Introduce advanced moves slowly. Moves like the ballet leg, barracuda thrust and back layout are not easy for beginners. Over time, start introducing these types of moves slowly. Always demonstrate them as part of the lesson and help the students by getting into the water and correcting their form. Individual attention is very important in synchronized swimming lessons.
  4. Encourage teamwork. The success of synchronized swimming depends on everyone participating. Therefore, you should always encourage your class to help each other throughout synchronized swimming lessons. There should not be competition, but rather a sense of teamwork and togetherness.
  5. Use partner exercises. Once your synchronized swimming lessons get more advanced, break your class up into partners or small groups so they can watch and help each other. If they can get the movement perfect as individuals, then the synchronized swimming routine will look flawless when they perform as a group.

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