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Pool Pump Repair

Not being able to enjoy a nice swim on a sunny afternoon due to a faulty pool pump? Read the article and follow a few repair instructions to solve your problem.

A pool pump is to the swimming pool; what the heart is to the human body. This is more than enough to advocate their importance. The pump has an electric motor which causes the impeller inside the pump to rotate, thereby pulling water from the main drain or skimmer and letting it out through the filter. The filter is responsible for purifying the water in terms of any debris and then letting it out through various distribution pipes. Normally, a repairing the pump is best left to a professional, as it is a rather complex structure, and there could be a fault with any of the numerous parts. However, you can follow instructions given below and try it out yourself.

Efficiently Repairing a Pool Pump

Step 1
To start your repair job, find out whether the power source for your pump is functioning or not. Turn on the breaker and other switches necessary to start the pump. Go through all the wires connecting to the pump and look for any corrosion.

Step 2
In case the motors starts and then suddenly stops after a while, you will have to examine the impeller. Look for any junk and clean it. If the impeller is clean, the problem could be in the wiring or the capacitor of the pump. You would then have to either repair or replace the capacitor.

Step 3
If your pool pump is not functioning the way it used to before, it could be due to a choked up filter. Check the pump's filter and clean it once properly. The problem may also be with junk material choking up the system. For this you will have to clean up areas around the pool skimmer basket.

Step 4
During the pump's repair, if you realize that the pump is sucking in air, increase the water level in your pool. There could be a possibility of the skimmer weir being damaged and providing an entrance for air to enter the pump. Repair or replace it according to the extent of damage. Apart from this, check the 'O' ring on the lid of the pump. It should not have any cracks on it and should be greased.

Step 5
There are chances of the motor in your pump being faulty. To find out, detach the motor from the pump and take it out. Start the motor separately and find out if it is still making noises. In case it does, you will have to get it changed. And if it does not make sounds when detached from the pool pump, you could be facing the problem of a choked line.

Step 6
If you notice that the pool pump turns on and off by itself, at short intervals, there may be a problem in the manner in which the pump was installed. Examine the voltage and wiring to see whether it has been attached correctly. Also look and clean any dirt blocking the pump's ventilator. If vents have become very old, it is a good idea to replace them instead of repairing.

Tips and Warnings
  • It is observed that if people maintain their pool pump by cleaning it regularly, there are less chances it will face problems. You can do this by cleaning the clog strainer, changing the filter, and also clearing the pipeline of any debris, all on a regular basis.
  • Since you are not a professional repair person, you would not be very familiar with the location and functioning of various parts of your pool pump. It is, therefore, better to look at a diagram before going about repairing the pump. You can find it online or some manufacture's provide it along with the pump.
  • Whenever you go about the job, you should ensure safety first. Do this by observing various safety precautions, like switching off the power supply while repairing, not standing in water while working with circuits, wearing rubber gloves and slippers while repairing, among others.
The repair cost depends upon the part(s) which need repair or replacement. It could be the motor, filter, impeller, or the clog strainer. Also, if you are not comfortable in doing the job yourself, you can always take help form a qualified professional.

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