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Swimming Holes

Swimming holes are nature's gift to us, which can be utilized for swimming in the summer season. They provide an alternative to crowded swimming pools, and also take us in the vicinity of nature.

Swimming holes can be described as natural water bodies like streams, rivers, springs, etc. that are suitable for swimming. Oceans and lakes are not included in this category, for the reason that they do not contain freshwater. Swimming holes were mostly used in olden times. With the increase in the number of artificial swimming pools, the popularity of these natural swimming pools has decreased. However, people are once again resorting to enjoying swimming in the natural environment.

According to Pancho Doll, who traversed 25,000 miles in search of swimming holes, and who is the author of Day Trips with a Splash: Swimming Holes of California, an ideal swimming hole offers privacy, depth, and height. Other features are that of having a ledge to jump from, and a surrounding rock which provides a nice and cozy enclosure.

Swimming Holes: New York

Peekamoose Blue Hole: The Rondout Creek is where this swimming hole is located. A deep pool where water flows down from a rock opening is the main feature of this place.

Vernooy Falls: 'Catskill Nature Preserve' is the place where Vernooy Falls is located. Situated in scenic natural environment, this swimming hole is surrounded by a camping area; the water is cold throughout summer.

Wilmington Gorge: This gorge is formed by a high fall. The Wilmington gorge is located at a point where the West Branch Ausable River crosses route 86 (RT 86). The gorge takes form of a small waterfall, and finally a deep swimming hole.

Safety Measures
  • It is not advisable to swim alone. Getting any kind of help during emergency situations becomes difficult.
  • Entering unknown waters barefoot can be risky; the sharp edges of rocks/pieces of glass may lead to injuries.
  • Stepping into areas that don't offer a clear view could be dangerous. Possibility of snakes hiding in crevices and other such places are possible.
  • Swimming in upper pools of a waterfall poses a danger of swimmers getting washed off.
  • Standing directly under the waterfalls too is risky. Small pebbles and rocks are washed off waterfalls.
  • Acts like climbing alongside the waterfalls have resulted into most number of deaths near swimming holes. One should completely avoid doing any such activity.
  • Drinking alcohol at these places can lead a person to lose control; this might cause injuries.
  • Beware of stagnant water; the possibility of contracting amoeba infection increases manifold in such kind of water bodies.
Swimming holes are perfect places to enjoy holidays in the summers.

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