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Treadmill Jogging.

I have been using a treadmill for many months. Initially I only used to walk on it for 20 or so minutes. I used to jog (occassionaly) for 1-2 minutes (continuously) back then. Now, since the past few weeks, I have started jogging on it for longer periods. I have built the stamina and now jog continuously for 10 minutes at 8 KM/hr everyday. With the help of my balanced diet, I have lost over 12 KGs over the past year and now want to lose 2-3 more Kilos in a month. Can you tell me how long I will be able to lose these kilos if I continue with my present jogging regime?

I presently weigh 76 KGs and my hieght is 180 cm.

Hi Ayush
I think you can do the math on this,but don't since it doesn't matter.Just keep doing what your doing or start increasing the distance and reduce the pace so you can handle it and you will do fine.And congratulations.

To your success


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