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illegal trade of weapon

Questionhello, id like to know what is the most traded kind of weapon (illegaly) among criminals all over the U.S.A and all over the U.K. id also like to

Varmint rounds

QuestionHi Mike,   I was wondering what your favorite varmint round is.  Im looking for a max mushrooming round for shooting squirrels but

National Firearms Company

QuestionMy husband just aquired a pump shotgun with a trigger.  It is similar to an 1893 Winchester but this gun is not the same.  It has Nationa

Cleaning- Blueing

QuestionSir- I am restoring a badly rusted Browning .243. Outside and in. Can you remove the blueing and leave it that way if you keep it oiled? The lever-

Rifle Accuracy (What is the most accurate rifle?)

QuestionDear GCH, Good day sir.  What is the most accurate rifle you know of?  Is there a rifle with un-erring accuracy (e.g. .308 bolt with sco

airsoft guns, similar guns

Question  Are they safe?  How powerful are they?  Where would we use them?  Can we use them in our back yard?  Where can I find go

..................45 cal auto

QuestionI am planning a purchase of a new ................................45 and I am wondering about the best brand to buy. Colt, Kimber, S&W, or custom.

Type of handgun

QuestionI wanted to ask your opinion on concealed carry of a handgun. Is it better to go for a smaller size, or deal with a bigger size for better accuracy

Automatic Handguns

QuestionDear Erik, Im working on a fictional crime story and I wanted to get some information on automatic handguns (not semis). Most of the time I ask qu

J.C. Higgins shotguns

QuestionI am trying to find information regarding J.C. Higgins shotguns in general and the model 60 .12 gauge shotgun in particular.  Hopefully, you w

bullet loads

QuestionDear Rod: I write mystery/suspense novels.  I have a scene in a current project where a victim is shot by two handguns - a 38 special and a 9m

optics for long-range target shooting

QuestionHello. Rod, I recently got back into target shooting after a more than 15-year hiatus. Now 67 years old, the eyes arent what they were, and Im thi

rifle research

QuestionHey Rod, Im looking to find out the origin of a rifle and have had no luck they are marked FG STEYR 1886. they are bolt action,and very heavy.I hav

defence load-rock salt???

QuestionHi Erik. Fisrt, Thanks for your public service! Your from MN.? Im mailing from Grand Forks ND. As you know, self defense is a hot topic around here

How long bullets can be in a magazine?

QuestionDear Mr. Pakieser:   This might be a trivial question. I have a CZ-85B 9mm, how long can bullets sit in the magazine and not damage th

target rifle caliber

QuestionHi Rod: I was thinking about taking up target shooting. I have owned a .270 and a 30.06 rifle previously. What would you recommend as a good calibe

Breaking in barrels...

QuestionRod,  I just got a Remington 700 .223 with a bull barrel.  The gunsmith said to break in the barrel by shooting one, then cleaning it e

The spring in the magazine

QuestionDear GCH:   I have a CZ-85 B 9mm, my question is more of a curiousity type. How long can a handgun magazine sustain being compressed b

worn out magazine springs

QuestionHi I have a Heckler & Koch USP that has lately developed the habit of jamming on the last round in a magazine.  I replaced the magazine sprin

Tokarev pistols: reliability, conversion to 9mm

QuestionHow good is the Tokarev pistol, re accuracy, reliablity? How well do 9mm conversion kits work with this gun? The arm is fairly cheap, and ammo i

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