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2000 Meter Erg

QuestionWhat tips can you offer about rowing a 2k?  I am a high school rower.  My goal is at least 6:55. AnswerHi Justin: First off, thats an ou

Rowing all the Way.

QuestionHi Al.  My name is Kristin and Im a rower at KCRC.  Most of the time Im a coxwain, but I really want to stay in shape.  I was wonder

Masters Rowing

QuestionWe are trying to put together a 4+ for Masters Sweep racing. Our strongest 4+ may be three men and one woman.  Is a woman allowed to row in a

1984 olympic whitewater venue

QuestionHi, not sure if this is exactly your area but it seemed that Rowing was the closest to a kayak event question. We live in Los Angeles and we just w

6000M tests.

QuestionI recently completed my second 6000M test for my upcoming season on the water.  I was happy with my improvement.  I finished my first tes


QuestionPlease settle a family argument.How are coxless fours and pairs steered,please. Dennis AnswerHi Dennis: The bowman of these boats steers.  Ty

2k tip

Questionactually Im gonna have to differ from your answer with Justin, I believe that it is not smart to take high strokes in the beginning. A rower needs

2000m erg time for a female HS senior

QuestionMy daughter is in love with rowing and wants to know a good time for a 2000 m erg? AnswerHi Mark: For the Concept II Erg, I have posted a link to

Muscle distribution.

QuestionHi, Just a quickie; Ive been rowing intensively for the last two years, only ever on bow side. Ive noticed a distinct imbalance between my right s

Shooting the slide...

QuestionI am a recreational rower, 510, 44, strong, and female. I row #4 in an 8 and practice 3 times a week on the water. I have access to an erg. My fitn

Erg Times Novice College

QuestionHi, I just started as a novice at Georgia Tech mens crew, and Im really into it.  I weigh about 140 and am about 510. We did a 4k erg test for

Noise at Finish

QuestionMy crew is making a lot of noise at the finish. It seems like theyre slamming into everything, shaking everything and producing a solid thunk. I wa

2k, what else?

QuestionI go to the US Merchant Marine Academy in New York, started rowing, and am in my second spring season now. My best 2k to date is a 6:30 flat. We ra

Becoming a Better Rower...

QuestionIn the off-season, I often find myself wondering what I could do to become a better rower. For example, does eating well help? And what about stret

Tired, cramped inside lower- arm during pieces.

QuestionHi there, Today during a piece,I realized that my inside lower-arm (the one that I am feathering with) was very painful during and after the piece.

Dropping My Time

QuestionI am a Female Heavyweight rower in High School. I have been on Novice for 1 year and have a 2K of 8:26. I know in order to be scouted by colleges y

Running / Ab Work-outs

QuestionIf, in addition to daily 2.5 hr practices, a rower was to (ONLY) run... or (ONLY) do ab-work exercises... which would be more beneficial, and why?


QuestionI am a lighweight rower in high school. Every so often in the fall we have to do a 6k test. My team does steady state work and sprint work on the e

Rowing biomechanics

QuestionCan you explain in biomechanical principles why a taller person has an advantage in rowing? AnswerHi George: Height is definitely an advantage in

rowing improvement

QuestionHey, Im 64 and around 205 lbs. I started rowing in college last year, and in spring got my 2k down to a 6:30. This fall my 6k test was a 1:44.9 av

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