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QuestionHow good is Arizona considered to be as a mecca for rock climbers?  Are there other states better known for rock climbing?  If so, which

rockclimbing-finding facts for research report

QuestionHi Frank.  Thank you for reading my question.  I have a 10yr old daughter trying to do a school report on Rock Climbing.  We have NO

I was woundering if you could...

QuestionI was woundering if you could help me. On the rock wall, i tend to be stretching for hand holds. I find this a hard thing to do and often end up fr

rock center/rope centers cumbria

QuestionIm a rock climber from cumbria and i would just like to know if there is any centers ive been missing out on. Ive been to Kesick and various out do


QuestionEmily - What is the most exciting mountain/ rock you have climbed up? Where was it? When did you climb up it? Do you climb often? AnswerHia Laura



safety gear/ top ropes

QuestionI am on a high school mock trail team in California and this years case deals with a girl who was killed while rock climbing, either by accident or

Pinnacles N.M.

QuestionHi Robert, I only climb on the East side, all the popular spots (Monolith, Discovery, Back Door, Upper Crust, Camel, Tiber-X, and T-Trap) - recentl


QuestionYes, I was wondering what RPs are? I know they are some kind of pro of some sort, but I cant say Ive every seen any or used any before.(or have the

climbing pitches

QuestionWhat is the scale of climbing pitches? I have a friend who wrote me: a pitch is anywhere from 120-150 feet, the rating scale ranges from 5.1 (easy

Climbing Gear

QuestionI love to climb and sometimes I cant find anyone to go belay for me.  Saw a piece of gear called a soloist but not sure how it works with clim

Southern Sierras

QuestionMr. Walton,    Im heading to the southern California area in mid-march for some climbing and mountaineering.  We were thinkin

Safety statistics

QuestionWhere can I find reliable statistics on rock climbing accident rates?   AnswerChaz---The American Alpine Club publishes an annual Accidents in

getting into climbing

QuestionIm intersted in climbing, but have just begun through one indoor and one outdoor lesson. Is it expensive, outfitting and trips? Are you a professio

top roping in yosemite

QuestionJeff, Im heading up to Yosemite in a couple of days and wanted to do some easy top rope climbs, but have no idea where to look.  Any suggestio

Hand Strength

QuestionHi George, first of all Id just like to say Im not a climber, and dont have any desire to climb, partly due to my fear of heights. I am actually i

trad gear in the 60s and 70s

QuestionI am researching a paper on trad gear used in the 60s and 70s.  Stoppers and pitons were in common use, but do you know of any other types of

Long Rappel After Climb

QuestionI am considering climbing at Looking Glass Rock in North Carolina.  The rappels after many of the climbs have sections greater than the 100 fe

Climbing shoes

QuestionHi I am interested in starting to climb in the near future and get conflicting answers on how tight rock shoes should be. I keep getting sales cler

Yosemite El Capitan

QuestionMr. Vargen, I have been climbing several times in the valley and have never topped out on El Capitan, I was looking at doing the West Face which is

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