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Commercial Divers in Massachusetts

QuestionI own a swimming pool service company 20 miles out of Boston.  I need to find a commercial diver to do underwater repairs in a condomimium com

Wetsuit pee valves

Question i would like to know can a wetsuited diver have a pee valve attaced to his wetsuit and use the catheter condom device that drysuit divers wear to

wetsuit insulation values

QuestionDo you know of any OBJECTIVE evidence relating to the thermal insulation value of titanium coated neoprene wetsuit material versus plain neoprene o

getting started

QuestionI am interested in marine salvage and salvage diving where can i find information on getting started in a carrer.  Thankyou for your time Dwh

Next steps

QuestionHi Jesse Scott: First of all thank you for reading the long message. I just wanted to be as comprehensive in explaining my situation as possible.


QuestionI have recently suffered barotrauma to my ear due to equalizing.  I now have hearing loss and tinnitus in my left ear.  Can you tell me h

Dive Watch User Replaceable Battery

QuestionSo I have my newest scuba gadget, and in the water for the first time in four years.  Well, the low battery indicator was blinking on my new d

mask storage

QuestionI just purchased my basic dive gear and noticed that when i placed the dive mask back into the provided box the nosepiece partially folded outwards

Rec Dive in Hawaii

QuestionMike, I am going to Hawaii with my son. I want to know of the adviseability of renting dive equipment for the two of us for recreational dive in Ha

BC Purchase

QuestionI have been offered a Scubapro Classic plus with air 2 systems for $375, I know for a fact that it has been used in a chlorine swimming pool regula

Oceanic Pressure

QuestionCan you put into laymen terms what is oceanic pressure ? I know the further an indiviual dives into the water the more pressure is put upon them, b

Dive School in Brazil

QuestionI磎 making a project for a dive school in Brazil. I want to know What a good dive school needs ? Size of a swimmming pool (and depth) and general in

temporary c-card

QuestionHello, My temporary c-card expires in a few days and I am just now sending my application in for a permanent one. Will this be a problem? Thanks mu

tanks cleaning


air in tank

QuestionHow long can you store air in a scuba tank before it goes bad? Thanks, Mary Answerit depends because air doesnt go bad (we are breathing the same

Dive from Heaven became hell

QuestionI want to know how close to screwed I was...really, not just the VERY CONSREVATIVE sport diving tables. Mr. Scott, I was diving off Venice, Louis

New Gear; New Weight and Bouyancy

QuestionMike,     Ive been diving the west coast for years. Ive recently purchased a new 5/7mm Henderson full wetsuit, booties, and ho

Good low maintenance/cost BC and regulator

QuestionHi Mike, I hope this note or inquiry finds you well. I was certified in 1977 and have been diving occasionally and for recreation. My last dive wa

Scuba Diving Weight

QuestionI have a question about how much weight you would suggest using on a fresh water dive.  I weight about 165 pounds, I will be wearing a 3mm ful

High Pressure tanks

QuestionI was just getting informed about DIN vs. Yoke regulators.  The answer said use DIN on high pressure tanks. What pressure range constitutes a

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