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Want to start surfing

QuestionHi Lee, I`m 52 6`1 and live in the San Diego area. I`m recovering from two serious spinal surgeries, one that partially paralyzed me before the sur


QuestionAfter a few years of riding short boards, I tried a long board and I`d like to buy one.  I`ve seen ads for high performance long boards, woode

Best place for novice to surf Costa Rica

QuestionThank you very much for giving your time to help. I consider myself a novice-- surfed 2 years on North Carolina Coast. Friends said my surfing woul


QuestionI have been surfing for almost 2 years now and will be taking my first trip to the islands this summer.  My Friend and I wish to take our boar

surf board

Questionsomeone just gave my son a surf board and i was wondering if it has any value and i would like some info on it. it is 111 inches long and the name

Big waves

QuestionWhere can the biggest waves in the world be found? Answer   Aloha Katie, The biggest waves in the world are possibly found up by Alaska.

Best boards/rigs

QuestionI used to windsurf a lot in my younger days but have been out of it for a good 7/8 years now.  Need some advise on what are the best productio

Uphaul in breakers

QuestionHi Patrick: Maybe you can help with some advice for us. I have 2 kids that are getting into it now, daughter 16 and son 13, both are athletic. I ha

Which board??

QuestionHey Brian, Thanks in advance for your help, i really appreciate it. Even though Ive lived in San Diego almost my entire life, Im just now looking f

Beginner at windsurfing...

QuestionHi Patrick, I am about to pick up a windsurf that is being given to me by my uncle up in Canada. I am very excited... I have done a little windsurf

Windsurfing basics

QuestionPatrick, I sailed for 4 years at college (USNA) and love sailing.  However, I dont feel like dishing out the cash for a small sailboat/trailer

Windsurf board equipment

QuestionHi Patrick, My wife purchased a WAYLER wind surfer and although it was used it is in excellent condition.  The two problems with the board are

sailing stance

QuestionHi Patrick, When sailing in I try to keep the proper stance. ie arms straigt, shoulders outboard from behind and straigt line from toes to shoulde

mast problems

QuestionI have two masts. One fibreglass and one carbon. They both have glass fibre pins on the surface which enter my hands and itch.   Is there a


QuestionHi there, my question regards waterstarting,, i am am reasonable good in moderate winds at waterstarts but get overpowered in stronger wind ( &nb

harness choices

QuestionI am looking to purchase a windsurfing harness.  The basic choice as I see it is between a seat type harness or a waist harness.  I am aw

harness choice

QuestionI am looking to upgrade my present seat harness which is about 5 years old.  As I understand it the basic choice is between a seat vs. waist h

Rigging Sail...I think i must be doing something wrong....

QuestionHi, im a beginner with lots of experience with lessons and decided its the sport for me. Now, geared with a new board, rig and guide book iv struck

waterstaet in strong wind

QuestionH i Windlover, out sailing the other day in about 30 knots in gusty conditions. This was on a river with large wind blown chop.  When trying


QuestionHi Laurie, My name is cyril, i am from france and ive just arrived in LA. I used to do surf many years ago and i would like to relearn. that is wh

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