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High speed waterskiing

QuestionDear Mr. Llewellyn, Is there such a thing as a world record for highest speed achieved by a water skier? What is the record, who achieved it, and

ski bindings

QuestionApril,  I have an Iconn Super Carve ski and am looking for hi-wrap bindings.  Iconn has their binding called the Reactor Hi-wrap.  W

double boot

QuestionFor the past two years now I have been skiing nearly every summer day on a Wisconsin Inland lake, where our summerhome is.  My friend and I ha


QuestionFirst I am trying to read to get help and I would like to know which is onside and which is offside(i am left foot forward)?  Next I get lots

Slalom boats

QuestionI know direct drives are better for running the course, but my wife insist on a V-Drive.  Of the V-Drives listed below, which do you think wou

Question about waterski posters

QuestionIs there any place where I can find How too posters for my campers that I teach waterskiing too in the summer? Fun teaching posters, steps to water

Slalom Ski-which is right for me

QuestionI am keen (and hopefully Improving Skier). I am 6 and 180lbs. I can run the course at 28mph and sometimes at 30.I am skiing on a Jobe 1400 68 with

Slalom skiing

QuestionI attended a ski clinic where the instructor is teaching that as you round #1 buoy that you look at #2 buoy in front of the boat. Several skiers li

Brand Names

QuestionHey. What is the general sentiment about the two three big board/ski manufacturers (HO, OBrian and Connelly)?  Which is most/least popular? &

HO ski?

QuestionJust bought a new HO Ultra AC 8.5 slalom ski on e-bay. I think I got a good deal but I know nothing of this ski. What year? or how advanced it perh


QuestionHi I am interested in purchasing jump skis, but I just started and just starting to cut at the ramp.  I am 57 and 125lbs. Could you help me ou

One-Footed Start

QuestionIm am wondering if you could explain to me how to do a one-footed start, not a deep water start but a normal shore start? AnswerMike,   

Waterski schools.

QuestionWhich are the top five slalom schools in Florida? How would you rate Carl Roberges school? AnswerAngelos, As far as I know, Carl is not running sk


QuestionI have never read anything on how you change your pullout or turn in to compensate for a shorter rope length....or do you change?  I usually p

Recovery after a surgery

Question Hey April, this Greg in Asheboro. When we talked at the boat show I told you about my hip surgery that was to be the next day. A lot has changed s

Ski wheelies at finish of turn, on my onside

QuestionI know it is still early in the year, but I was looking for some advice. Here is a little info about myself, I am a M2 Skier, personal best in prac


Questionwhats the best way to get back into shape for the season both on and off the water AnswerFred,   Off the water riding a bike is a great

Deep Water slalom starts

QuestionI now ski on a double boot Connelly F1X.  I can ski fairly well but the deep water starts are challenging for me.  It takes a lot of effo

Choosing a new water ski

QuestionI have used the same water ski from the time I was 12 years old until present.  I believe it is a laminated wood ski termed a taper flight. &n

what do u think the most popular sport is

QuestionGood day, name is Jenny and I am working on a project for my Information Technology class.  I was hoping that you might help me.  My rese

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