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Props - Stainless vs. Aluminum

QuestionI have a 19` Starcraft Bowrider, with 4.3 V-6 I/O and currently have a 14 1/2 x 17 pitch alum prop.  I would like to have more lift and pull f

Canoe mfg.

QuestionDear Sir, I recently bought a canoe at a yard sale made by North east canoe mfg. in Newport Vermont. I would like to know if they are still in busi

Value on a used boat

QuestionHi Bert, I am new to the boating game.  I am interested in buying a good used boat.  I have found one 1989 Maxium - 23` - 5.0 Mercury ib

what type of boat should we look for?

QuestionHi, I`m planning my trip to St. Lucia and after seeing all the wonderful photos, we`ve decided to try chartering a crewed boat for the day.  I

Kayaking the Niagra

QuestionHello Jim, As an expert in kayaks I hope you can point me in the right direction.  Unfortunately I`m not that proficient with kayaks but I`m

MerCruiser Tune Up

QuestionRecently, I had a tune-up and oil change performed on my 1994 SeaRay 330 Sundancer.  The two engines, MerCruiser T-5.7 Liter, 260 h.p., had 40

1988 merc

QuestionI have just purchased a 1988 wilker boat with a 4 cyl. inline engine with a alpha one outdrive it is rated at 165 hp.4.3liter. The boat appears to

Running outboard dry after use

QuestionI used my outboard (50 Merc tank mix) only occasionally and have made a habit of disconnecting the fuel line and allowing the carb to run dry. &nbs

Engine/Prop Set-up

QuestionBert- Unused horsepower and performance is a pet peeve of mine, especially with boats.  I grew up around them, Ive spent summers cleaning the

paddle strokes

QuestionHow is a high brace performed? Does your body partially go under water ie. you get wet or not? AnswerA high Brace is performed when your fist is a

Fuel starvation?

QuestionBert, our 90hp 97 Mercury 3 cylinder, 2 cycle engine will run at around 4000rpm for 20 min or so and then dies.  It seems like fuel starvation

How old do I have to be to own a boat?

QuestionHeya! I just turned 17 today and I got a car, which is supercool, but I was wondering how old I need to be to own a sailing boat? Yknow, the ones w

Boat Stalling

Question I just purchased a 1990 18ft Bluewater Riviera with a 4.3 V6 Mercruiser I/O engine. Boat runs fine as long as I dont try to accelerate in reverse.

Boats taking on water

QuestionI have a small 15 ft. boat, and I know that I can take on water over the rear in high waves or of course if I have an actual hole in the boat. But

range of larger boats?

QuestionHi. I am trying to write a screenplay, and for it I need to know how far a speedboat or motorboat can travel. I am led to believe that even a large

i am changing a boat trailer...

Questioni am changing a boat trailer to a flat deck and have no idea on wiring diagrams.  My 4 prong has white, 2brown out of the one prong, yellow an

evinrude v-4 ouboards

Questioni have inquired to purchase a used mid 90s evinrude 120-hp.  (The owner of the marine dealership was out and would not be back until 3/16/04 a

Kayaking basic exercises for Adv Racing

QuestionI am going to participate in an adventure racing, It has about 14 hours of sea kayaking, Ive done that in another race, but now I dont have the tim

Blown Fuse/Headlights

QuestionHi, I purchased a new E-Z load trailer for my boat in 2001..it is a model 2-ezl90 r which  holds a 18 boat. I purchased a new 2002 Nissan Fro

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