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Browning BPS Hunter

2016/7/22 9:07:33

I recently purchased a "12 gauge Pump Browning shotgun & case", as it was listed, at auction.  It was touted as being a Ducks Unlimited Edition.  
Through my own research, I've found that it is a BPS Hunter model, manufactured in 1992.  The etchings are signed by a Michael Collins - one side has ducks in flight; the other ground turkeys.  But I cannot find anything that definitively says it's a DU edition.  
I'm trying to determine the accurate value of the weapon and where/how I may be able to verify any DU connection or if it's simply an etched piece.
Thanks for any information you can provide.

If you bought a browning signed by Michael Collins you probably have the real deal. You could always contact the artist, Michael Collins and he should be able to verify if the gun is authentic as he should recognize his own work. He has done DU engravings for several years and each year the guns consistently appraise for $12,000 dollars and up.


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