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Deep Water slalom starts

2016/7/15 12:01:39

I now ski on a double boot Connelly F1X.  I can ski fairly well but the deep water starts are challenging for me.  It takes a lot of effort to maintain my balance so that the pull is straight and I don't fall to either side as I start the pull. Once the pull is strong I can steer fine but it is just at the start of the pull where I have the problem. Is it just practice or can you give me some pointers.


  Try using your head for balance when you start.  It is amazing how heavy our heads are and you can use this to keep yourself straight.  If you feel like you are tipping over lean your head the opposite way to get yourself right again.  Also try to pick a point high on the boat to focus on and drive your head towards that as you begin to be pulled out of the water.  Hope this helps.  April Coble Eller
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