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Ski wheelies at finish of turn, on my onside

2016/7/15 12:01:40

I know it is still early in the year, but I was looking for some advice. Here is a little info about myself, I am a M2 Skier, personal best in practice is 3@35 off 36mph, typically I run 3.5 @ 32 off 36mph, PB in tournament is 4.5 @ 32 off 36mph. I am 6'2" 190 lbs. RFF skier, skiing on the same ski as last year, 2002 68" cdx-1, my bindings are one hole back from center, fin is length - 6.847, depth - 2.471, and distance from tail - .923. I have not changed anything from last year, this year in practice I have slowed the boat down to 34 mph to work on form and running 28 off. When I finish the turn on my onside, the front of the ski wheelies. I don't notice it when I am running 22 off. Any suggegestions would be appreciated. Randy Ryker

   It is hard early in the season to make fin adjustments based on how your ski feels since you are not in summer ski shape.  The CDX is a tough ski on top of that since I think it is a ski that you have to ski the same on every time you ski or it does feel different.  Without having seen you, I would say it sounds like the tip of you fin may have been moved up into the ski.  Check your length.  If it is OK you may want to pull the tip of the fin down which will keep the nose of the ski down at the end of the turn.  It is common when the water is cold to carry more speed into the buoy which can also make the tip come up.  Try this.  Good luck.  Come ski with me somtime.  April Coble Eller
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