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2016/7/15 12:01:44

First I am trying to read to get help and I would like to know which is onside and which is offside(i am left foot forward)?  Next I get lots of slack when I make my turns and I have to worry about the yank that will come from the rope instead of concentrating on the next buoy.  How can I prevent this?  And any other tips for a beginner would be much appreciated. Thank you?

  Your offside turn is 2,4 and your onside is 1,3,5.  Usually if you are getting a lot of slack in the turn is is due to riding flat prior to your turn.  You should lean through the second wake and then go straight into an edge change without riding flat.  If you want the get the most possible for you skiing go to ski school now before developing bad habits.  April Coble Eller
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