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running and getting sick

my son Alex runs track and cross country for LaSalle high school.  his best 5k as a sophmore was 16.28  he has a difficult time when they start to push the pace and on hills he get sick.  we have seen a doctor at childrens and he said we should see a sports psycologist. he is getting upset and wonders what is wrong with him.  they ahve a shot at state title and he will be number 2 or 3 runner. please help

Hi Daryl
Would it be possible to discuss this over the phone in order to get more detail and will give me the ability to question your son with a much higher level of clarity,and also it seems there is an urgency because of the end of season is close.There is no charge and you can call any time.My contact info is on my web site.www.rentacoachinternational.com.Is that LaSalle in california.

All the best


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