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Running Technique Videos/Resources

Hello John,

I would like to teach my eight year old daughter proper running form for general purposes and also to improve her running speed for soccer.  I'm no expert and would like to find a good video that we can watch together to learn what good running form looks like and how we should go about developing good mechanics.  Any suggestions?  Thank you very much for your time and assistance.  Brian

Hi Brian
I took a look at google and put in running videos,and found a large selection.I cliped one out for you,but you might want to look further.

www.wolverinesports.com/track40.html - 33k - Cached - Similar pages

Running Video and Stock Footage
I would be very carefull and work very slowly with lots of recovery between any sessions to avoid any overuse injuries.At her age she has a long way to develop.It is also imperative that she has fun and enjoys the process.I counsel all my athletes on this topic,which is the real key to a successfull running career.

The very best to
you and your up
and coming new

John   Ps.the carl lewis video would be a good choice  

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