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Commercial Divers in Massachusetts

I own a swimming pool service company 20 miles out of Boston.  I need to find a commercial diver to do underwater repairs in a condomimium complex swimming pool.  Any ideas on where to find someone like this?  

Thank you for your help!



Since the repairs are taking place in a swimming pool, you can probably get away with hiring any advanced SCUBA diver (Instructor, Divemaster, etc).

Check with some of the local SCUBA diving shops.  You can also look to see if there are any commercial diving schools nearby.  They might have some alumnus (or top notch student) to recommend.

When I worked in a dive shop, we often took small side jobs like repairs of pools, scrubbing boat hulls, etc.  I even took a job finding a golf cart submerged in a water trap and hooked it to a tow truck winch.  Easiest $250 for 15 minutes work I ever had!!

If you still are having trouble, get back to me here, and I will ask a friend from the commercial program I attended for recommendations in the Boston area.

Thanks for the inquiry,

Henry Babcock
AllExperts SCUBA Expert  


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