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Stevens Model 430

I have just purchased a Stevens Model 430 Serial #2330.  I was told it takes .30 cal rimless ammo, but on the side of the rifle it says .30-.30 cal.  I would hate to mess up the rifle with the wrong ammo.  It's in great shape and I was also wondering if you had an idea about it's value.

Thank You,

Hello Tamarlane. You were told right. .30 Remington cartridge only!! If you can pull up this web site I am giving you, there is a page from a catalogue advertising these rifles. Here it is:  
This was in 2008, but I was able to pull it up. It does list these rifles with several calibers, including .30-30. In fine print on the page, it says " these calibers are all in Remington ", thus the .30-30 is in actuality caliber .30 Remington. Hope you can find this site and add to your knowledge and thank you for asking for me. Charles Gage

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