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Fox double barrel 20 ga.

I recently received a Fox side by side 20 ga. single trigger shotgun and am trying to find an aproximate value. It is stamped;
"Savage Arms Corporation"
"Chicopee Falls, Mass. U.S.A."
"Model B"
"Proof tested 20 Gauge"
"2锟?inch chamber"
The only thing I can find for a serial number is a stamp "A" "G" with circles around each of them followed by an "S" and "O". This stamp can be found on each piece, three places, of the broken down gun.
One other question, does the single trigger fire both barrels in one squeeze.
Kevin M.

Hi Kevin,

Ansley Fox established the Fox Gun Company in 1896 and manufactured guns under the name Philadelphia Gun Co. In 1905 he began manufacturing under the name A.H. Fox. In about 1930 the company was purchased by Savage Arms Co. who manufactured all grades of Fox shotguns.

The Fox Model B was first introduced around 1930 by Savage Arms. It was an upgraded answer to the Stevens Brand Model 530 and was made until 1988.

There was a Fox Model B that was made in Utica N.Y. and another version made in Chicopee Falls, Mass. Many of these had two triggers. A Fox Model B with a single trigger in "good" condition is valued at (as a retail guide) approximately $500. There was also a Fox Model BDL, BDE, BST, BSE, and BE.

In response to the last part of your question (if I understand it correctly) the single trigger fires both barrels one a time with a seperate pull needed for each barrel. It will not (unless something is very wrong) "fire both barrels in one squeeze".

Thanks for your question Kevin

Sid Lark

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