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I have been surfing for almost 2 years now and will be taking my first trip to the islands this summer.  My Friend and I wish to take our boards along and were concidering buy one large bag (9" or so) and packing them together and checking them on the plane.  Will wraping each board board up and packing the bag with pillows be enough for an 8"2` and a 7"3`?  My fins come off but his do not.  Is there a better/safer/cheaper way?  Also, you said you were into the retail part of surfing... My life long goal is to open a surf shop.  Would you have any tips or conections that could start me in the right direction in the future?  (I`m only 18 now so I may be looking at a retirement business but it`s a goal right.)  Thank you for your help.

You dont say where you are at, in my area, we have cardboard box companies all tuned into packing for travel. Not the cheapest but the best. I have personally gone the route you mentioned, and used sleeping bags for padding,cheapest way. Lso, for your fins you can use blocks of styrofoam and press them on the fins. A surfshop now makes most of its money from clothing, study fashion. Not too many real surf shops anymore. Leroy.

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