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Best place for novice to surf Costa Rica

Thank you very much for giving your time to help. I consider myself a novice-- surfed 2 years on North Carolina Coast. Friends said my surfing would advance, more quickly if I took surf vacation to Costa Rica.  However, I also heard some of them say they spent a week there and couldn`t get through the breakers-- and they are better surfers than I.  I`m concerned I may pick a place that`s too big\powerful and not get much out of the trip.  Seems best for me would be 3-5 foot, slow, not too steep breakers. I`d appreciate any adice you could give for the best place(s) for me to surf in Costa Rica.  Any other advice about surfing there would also be appreciated. Thank you very much for helping me.

Save Costa Rica for when you are tuned in and can appreciate it more. Come out to California, Southern, surf Trestles, State, Newport, etc, get all tuned up, then go. Or if its easy, go to Puerto Rico, good waves there. After 2 years you should be coming along just fine, stick with it. We need more female surfers in this world. Leroy.

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