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Good low maintenance/cost BC and regulator

Hi Mike, I hope this note or inquiry finds you well.

I was certified in 1977 and have been diving occasionally and for recreation. My last dive was in Culebra Puerto Rico on 7/14/06, at the Carlos Rosario mini wall; which I recommend for the healthy corals and marine life that you see. I took my 14 and 17 year old with me and they loved it. It was the first time that they have gone down 70 ft and they did it my self and a Dive Master.

I am in the process of getting them certified and also in the process of buying my equipment, since I always rent. It will be very nice if you can recommend a good regulator and BC with low maintenance and cost that could fit our needs for occasional diving. Must of our diving will be in Miami, Key Largo, and Puerto Rico.



Hey Alfredo

Thanks for the letter and it's always good to talk with an "old salt"!!  I started in 1956 with my father and it was a terrific experience.  I'm sure your kids will feel the same!

As for gear, I'll give you some food for thought but will avoid recommending a particular brand.  The reason has to do with service of the gear and not the brand itself.  I would strongly recommend that you buy gear from a well established dealer who can service it close to where you're living.  That should determine the brand you'll purchase.  All of the major brands will perform very well for you and the reliability will be similar so you don't need to spend a lot of money on exotics like titanium or "bells and whistles" like adjustable second stages or environmentally sealed first stages.  For the type of diving you're expecting to do, I'd suggest a balanced piston first stage and a non-adjustable second stage.  That system, if properly tuned by the dealer, will handle all of your expected diving needs and should run in the $260-300 range.  You'll also need to add an octopus.  Select an inexpensive one since it's very seldom used.  All of them will perform if needed so don't fall for sales talk to the contrary.  An octo like that should be in the $100-150 range.  You'll need a set of gauges.  Since your diving is so infrequent, I would not recommend getting a dive computer.  Stick with the standard gauge set (depth and pressure).  That should run in the $160-200 range.  The BC should be of the "jacket style".  Those are relatively inexpensive and are typical of what you'll find in the rental gear.  Back inflatable BC's are available but will cost more and you don't need to spend the money on it.  Getting a "weight integrated" BC eliminates the need for a weightbelt and are the most common type found today.  A good weight integrated jacket-style BC should be available for around $300.  You don't need to be concerned with extra pockets or lots of "D" rings.  Just get the basic BC from a recognized brand and you should be fine.  The BC should come with the low-pressure inflator hose which will attach to the first stage of your regulator.  Of course the other end will connect to the low-pressure inflator on the BC.  You shouldn't have to pay extra for this hose.

Since I keep mentioning "major" brands, I'll list some of them to consider(in random order).  Sherwood, Dacor, Mares, Oceanic, Scubapro, Genesis and Tusa.  There are other brands, of course, but these come to mind quickly and any of them will serve you well.

Alfredo, I hope this provides some useful information for you.  Enjoy your diving and please write back if I can provide additional information for you.

Happy Diving!!

Mike Giles
Mike's Dive Center

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