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temporary c-card

My temporary c-card expires in a few days and I am just now sending my application in for a permanent one. Will this be a problem?
Thanks much,

Hi Joanne

I answered your question on the day you asked it but the All Experts people tell me that it may have failed to reach you.  If so, I apologize and I'll try again.

Your temporary C-card shows that you've had the training for diver certification.  Even though it's expired, some shops may honor it.  It's up to the individual shop so don't count on it.

Your application is the only way your certifying agency (PADI, NAUI, SSI, etc) knows that you've been trained and are to be awarded a permanent certification card.  Your instructor doesn't send anything directly to the agency.  He provides the information to you in the form of your application.

You need to submit the application promptly so you can get your permenent C-card and join us for some underwater excitement.

Happy Diving,

Mike Giles
Mike's Dive Center

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