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mask storage

I just purchased my basic dive gear and noticed that when i placed the dive mask back into the provided box the nosepiece partially folded outwards and i wanted to know if I should stop storing it in that box or if it wopuld be fine to continue using it, would the long term storage of it in this way possibly damage the mask?

Hi Josh

Congratulations on your decision to join the realm of scuba divers!!  Your question is a good one and one that I get frequently.  The skirt on a good scuba mask is made of high quality silicone.  It will resist deformation such as you mention for long periods of time.  Note that most good masks will come in a protective mask box that is designed to hold the mask.  Try to position the mask in the box so that the skirt is deformed as little as possible and you should be fine.  Try angling the mask downward in the box and see if that helps.  If you're still concerned, try taking the mask to a scuba shop and fitting it in a different box which may give you a little more room.  Don't store the mask in an excessively hot place (like an attic).  Keep in mind also that dive masks are sort of like shoes...they don't last forever so enjoy them for a few years and then shop around and see if you can find something new that may fit you better.  ALWAYS try a mask on before you buy it.  There is a big difference in how individual masks fit and if it doesn't fit properly, it'll give you trouble every time you use it.  As with all your gear, keep it clean and never dry it in the sun.

One final suggestion:  You can store the mask outside the box if you like and then pack it before you head for the dive site.  Just be sure it's not exposed to prolonged sunlight (the box provides this protection).

Happy Diving, Josh!!

Mike Giles
Mike's Dive Center

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