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Dive Watch User Replaceable Battery

So I have my newest scuba gadget, and in the water for the first time in four years.  Well, the low battery indicator was blinking on my new dive watch while on the boat.  I had an older backup computer that worked fine, so I opted to wait instead of replacing the battery while on the boat.  Warranty information will insist on sending to an authorized service center for battery replacement.  However, with the proper screwdriver, some silicone, fresh battery, perhaps a new rubber gasket, and clean fingers is there any reason I couldn't complete a battery swap next time?

Hi Brian

That's a good question and the short answer is "you can do it yourself".  However there are several things you need to carefully consider before attempting it.  Your question states that it's a watch but the context of your question indicates that it may be a wrist dive computer. If it's a watch, I'd strongly recommend against doing it yourself.  You will void the warranty if you open the battery case and the watch later floods.  Most watches have a factory return address to which you'd send the watch.  They will change the battery and certify it's water resistance when they send it back to you.

If it's a dive computer, most batteries are now user serviceable.  If that's the case, the computer should have had a battery compartment key included and instructions for changing the battery.  Some computers have a slotted battery compartment cover so you can use a coin or screwdriver. In any case, instructions would have been included with the computer.  Again, flooding of the battery compartment will void the warranty if you do it yourself.  If the dealer does it, he generlly assumes the responsibility if the computer later floods.  Changing most computer batteries isn't rocket science.  CAREFULLY remove the compartment cover, remove and clean the O-ring as well as the seating surfaces.  The batteries can generally be obtained from the nearest Radio Shack using the model number on the battery.  Replace the battery(s) making note of the polarity and insure that the contact points are firmly in contact with the battery.  LIGHTLY lubricate the O-ring with silicone grease and reinstall.  The O-ring should just look "wet" but not have any visible silicone on it.  If the O-ring is in good condition, it can be reused.  If not, it needs to be replaced and the replacement must be an EXACT match.  Most computers will retain their memory of past dives if you complete the battery swap within 10-15 seconds.  Once again, if you do it yourself, you assume all responsibility for water damage so consider it carefully before deciding to do it yourself.

Brian, I hope this gives you the information you need to make the proper decision on your battery change.

I'm glad to see you're now back in the water!!

Happy Diving,

Mike Giles
Mike's Dive Center

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