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getting started

I am interested in marine salvage and salvage diving where can i find information on getting started in a carrer.  Thankyou for your time

Hello Dave,Correct me if i am wrong, but i am assuming you are about to embark on a marine salvage/commercial diving career,as opposed to being a commercial diver presently,and looking to specialize in salvage diving only. Obviously, the two go hand in hand.Today's marine salvage companies use a lot of high-tech equipment,and usually employ the most highly trained comm.divers/salvors.As far as getting started and trained,here are some schools/colleges, that i would suggest contacting via e-mail,and/or phoning.Again,keep in mind,that these are training facilities that teach comm. diving practices AND marine technology science....not just marine salvage.Here are some to check out:
 1) The Ocean Corp...based in Houston TX.You can phone them at: 1-800-321-0298...for a free info.package.
 2) Santa Barbara City College. Their ph# is 1-805-965-0581..or go to their web-site: http://www.sbcc.edu/mdt
3)Holland College...located in Prince Edward Island(Canada)web: http://www.hollandcollege.com
4)Contact Captain Jim Wyatt at Cave Dive Florida, or phone him for info.at 1-877-886-6621 He may have some more suggestions.
5)The U.S.Navy is also another choice..if this choice is to your liking? I believe they have a training center in Panama City Florida. Google will take you to their web-site as well for recruiting/training. Well, i hope that the above info. is helpfull,and wish you luck on your marine salvage career. Thanks for your question.

                   Regards, Gary S.  

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