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Coastal School For Deep Sea Diving

QuestionWho would I contact to obtain student records for a 1976 graduate? I have not been able to find on the Internet the custodian of records for Coasta

How to locate potential dive sites

QuestionHi, I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh and though it is a country with more than 500 rivers, there is nothing related to SCUBA diving here--- no diving

Ear problems while diving

QuestionHello mike, I love free diving and scuba diving, the problem is that I cant equalize my ear well and when i do i have tp reverse equilize them comi

Business Plan info

QuestionGood morning Andy, I am planning on opening a dive shop in Thailand and have been working towards that end for 3 years gathering what I hope would

Tympanic repair and diving

QuestionHi, I am 63. Several years ago I had a repair (graft) to my badly perforated eardrum. It was successful but I have been told that I cant ever try s

bcd with a slow leak

QuestionHello. I am a novice diver. I inherited a used SeaQuest BCD recently.  Of course, I want to make sure it is safe to dive.  I orally infla

Equipment courses

QuestionDear Henry, I became a PADI OWSI earlier this year and I am looking into volunteer instructor jobs connected to marine conservation. Most of those

layering wetsuits

QuestionHi Mike, I have a 6.5mm wetsuit and dive in cold water. Im not looking at dry-suits but I know several people who use a combination of a 3mm short

How to remove silicone grease from Mustache?

QuestionHello, How can I effectively remove Silicone Grease from my mustache? (After snorkelling on holiday, it is a bit much to go to breakfast with a m

Selecting a mask

QuestionHello, I am a newly certified diver wearing glasses.  I would like to purchase a mask with prescription glass and have a number of questions t

ind. dual tanks not using manfold w/ ffm

QuestionQUESTION: hi mike, Im using an ocean reef full-face mask. Ive seen a diver in the Caribbean that used 2 1st stage regulator connect together with a

Can a person survive a free dive (no oxygen)

QuestionQUESTION: Can a person survive a free dive (no oxygen) of 350 feet if a trained dolphin takes the person down and back up? ANSWER: Hi, Thats an i

Can a person survive a free dive (no oxygen) of 350

QuestionQUESTION: Can a person survive a free dive (no oxygen) of 350 feet if a trained dolphin takes the person down and back up? ANSWER: Physiologically

Wet suits and dive classes

QuestionI live in Southern Caliornia and its been about 8 years since I SCUBA dived. I want to start up again and have signed up for tune up class at a loc


QuestionWhat is Military diving like? AnswerThat is a hard question to quantify. Military diving is some of the best technical training (physics, medicin

Dacor BCD Bladder Gasket

QuestionIn a previous answer you posted, you said that the gasket that helps seal the hose to the bladder was rubber. Do you know this to be correct or wer

Pressure and health

QuestionQUESTION: Dear Mike, My question is related to the side-effect of diving. I know that while diving in a diving suit at some depth the diver has t

Vintage scubapro shotgun snorkle

QuestionHi Jesse,  I have a different kind of question for you.  I have had a vintage Scubapro Shotgun Snorkel since I started snorkeling and div


QuestionQUESTION: Are re-breathers safe? ANSWER: Hi John, First, let me apologize for the delay in answering your question.  I changed my email addre


QuestionI have a friend who used to dive every weekend for many years, is a dive master himself and even had a business where he certified people for sever

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