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Value of Browning Auto 5 - 12 GA

Hello Christopher
I am trying to get an accurate value for my dad's Browning Auto 12 that he bought in 1969-70 about a year before he passed.  Probably has had no more than a box of shells through the gun.  In excellent condition - maybe mint if guns are classified that way - kept in gun case these 30+ years... Anyway, in 2007 Sid Lark replied to a question regarding a 1964 version of the (probably) same or very similar gun with a value somewhere between $500 - $800 for all barrel types, etc.  I am interested in selling the gun for cash to fund a license to carry (Texas) and automatic pistol.  So your information will be helpful in knowing where to start the "negotiation process".  Any advice on schools in the Fort Worth area and gun dealers I might contact would also be helpful.  Thanks!  Looking forward to your answer(s).  Terry  

  Hello Terry,

500 to 800 dollars is as close as you will get. You can expect 400 or 500 dollars if you carry the gun to a dealer, 600-800 if you sell it privately to another person. I am not familiar with the Fort Worth area at all, I would have a difficult time trying to tell you who was reputable and who was not. Ask a local gun club for help, they may even have someone in the club interested in the gun itself.

Best of luck!

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