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beretta .22 pistol

Hi paul. I just bought a beretta .22 short pistol mod# is 950 bs-.22short. it is semi-auto and black in color on the grip it says beretta .22 short minx. I was just looking to get a manufacture date and a price on what this might be worth or anything else you could dig up. thanks greenmoutinboy :)

This the same pistol Beretta prevously imported from Italy from 1955 to 1968 when the Gun Control Act of 1968
prohibited it importation.
The 950BS was introduced in 1982 but was made in USA by Beretta. It was replaced a few years later (late 86)
with the 21 Bobcat, which is still made.
The two models over lapped a bit
Its worth Its worth $150 in Exellent condition down to $50 in poor condition.

The Beretta service department can supply a manual and an exact date.

Many people though it was the ideal mini pistol for carry.

Its only few hi quality pistol in its class, since Colt dropped thiers a long time ago.
Jennings Raven etc and similar were all junk.

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