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conceal carry questions

hey whats up i live in new york state and i am also in a wheelchair, i am considering getting myself a pistol and if possible a conceal carry permit. my two questions are i do not know if i can get a conceal carry permit in new york state iv tryed to find out but cannot, i live on long island to be exact in suffolk county, my second question is seeing iam in a wheelchair would would u recommend as a good small but powerful pistol for someone like me to carry iam thinking maybe a small glock but dont really know, id appreciate it very much if u could help me out even if just with one of my questions



Well, it appears as though New York has some pretty sticky requirements for getting a carry permit. I checked out the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action website (www.nraila.org) for information on New York carry permits and here is what it said: "A license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver, not otherwise limited as to place or time of possession, shall be effective throughout the state, except that the same shall not be valid within the city of New York unless a special permit granting validity is issued by the police commissioner of that city."

An applicant for a license to carry outside the home must be required to show, in addition to the requirement for possession, that "proper cause exists" for the issuance of such a license; for example, for target shooting, hunting, or self-defense.

The license can be amended to include one or more additional or different handguns. The licensee is required to carry the license on his person at all times when carrying a handgun."

So, living on Long Island, I don't know if you need the seaparate New York City license or not. At any rate, I'd begin by contacting the Suffolk County County Clerk as he or she probably knows where the process of getting a concealed carry permit begins.

As for the type of pistol, you're on the right track with the mini-Glock. You'll want something you can carry comfortably all day, and since you'll be seated, a long-barreled pistol will likely dig into your hip with any sort of holster. As such, a Glock model 26 (sub-compact 9mm) or 27 (sub-compact .40 S&W) are good choices.

Another possibility would be a snubbie revolver of some sort. I personally carry a S&W 640-1, a 2.125-inch barreled, stainless steel, 5-shot .357 Magnum that weights 25 ounces empty. It's easy to conceal, reasonably slim with its 5-shot cylinder, and utterly reliable. Any S&W Model 60 series wheelgun will fit this bill, be it a Centennial hammerless like mine, a Bodyguard shrouded hammer or a regular model 60 with an exposed hammer spur. Smith & Wesson makes their snubbie revolvers out of tons of different alloys nowadays, making for some very lightweight .38 Special and .357 Magnun revolvers; though I'd avoid the new, scandium and titanium PD subcompact .357 as it's just too light and doesn't like shooting .38 Specials.

Well, hopefully I've been of some help. If you have any other questions, please, feel free to ask a follow up. Good luck getting your permit.


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