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Oceanic Pressure

Can you put into laymen terms what is oceanic pressure ? I know the further an indiviual dives into the water the more pressure is put upon them, beacause of the weight of the water. For example 44.1 PSI so if an indivudial dives 600ft how much pressure is that and what can I compare it to (ie. 2 ton truck sitting on some ones shoulder)

Thanks in advance,


Hello Ronald, The term oceanic is often used to refer to water pressure, however the correct term is...Hydrostatic pressure.Like atmospheric pressure, it is equal in all directions at a specific depth.Hydrostatic pressure(the weight of the water over you)increases at a rate of 0.445p.s.i.per-FOOT of decent in seawater.....and 0.432p.s.i.per-FOOT in fresh water.The difference is because of the densities of the 2 bodies of water.Absolute Pressure...NOT Atmospheric pressure,is the sum of atmospheric press.AND Hydrostatic press.If you were at 600ft. it would be 20ATA(ATMOSPHERES-ABSOLUTE)The hydrostatic press. alone at 600ft. would be 0.445x600ft...or 267pounds-per-sq.inch...that would be exerted on you....A LOT!!.Times this by the sq.inches/FOOT(144)..and it would be well over a 2ton truck!!I hope this answers your question, and thanks for your inquiry.Remember the golden rule....plan your dive!....dive your plan!


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