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BC Purchase

I have been offered a Scubapro Classic plus with air 2 systems for $375, I know for a fact that it has been used in a chlorine swimming pool regularly for the past 9-10 months, i was wondering if (1) the price was good, and (2) idf the chlorine exposure would be a problem.

Hi Josh

The price for the BC and the AirII is excellent if the equipment is in good condition.  Using the system in a chlorinated pool isn't particularly damaging if it is rinsed thoroughly after each use and stored properly.

Inspect the BC while it is dry.  Some bleaching of color is acceptable but it shouldn't be severe.  It will be very difficult to see bleaching if the BC is wet.  Check the stitching to be sure it isn't coming apart and check to be sure all straps and buckles are present.  Completely inflate the BC and check to see that the pressure relief valve works properly and any dump valves operate smoothly.  Evaluating the AirII is a little more difficult since you can't see the internal parts without disassembling it.  Hook up the inflator hose and operate the regulator, pressure fill and dump valves.  The AirII is pretty durable and can handle a fair amount of corrosion and still function properly.  If in doubt, have it inspected by a service technician.

Good luck and happy diving!!

Mike Giles
Mike's Dive Center

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