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first skates for my 6 year old

"I am considering buying skates for my 6 year old. she would use them mostly on pavement. My question is inlines or quads?"

Hi Leila,
Several things to consider here. First, does she have a preference? Second, how is her balance & how athletic or comfortable is she with physical activity.
Inlines are a little harder to balance on than quads, which have a wider base making them easier to balance on in the beginning. All things being equal though, inlines are more for outdoor skating & quads more appropriate for rink or dance skating.
The bottom line - run this by her & then ask her which she would prefer & let her decide. Be sure to buy her a helmet, wrist guards, Knee & elbow pads so she enjoy years of safe skating.
Hope this helps..............Lezly (Lezly Skate School - www.SkateGuru.com )

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