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Ski Length

I am a beginner to intermediate skier that has only skied once a year at Steamboat for the last 4 years.  I am 5'9", ~ 150lbs and would like to have a better idea of the correct ski length for me.  I don't get too aggressive but do not mind a little speed and tight turns on some blues and blacks.  Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.


Dear Mitch --

Your best ski length will depend on the design of the ski you prefer.  Since you are a recreational skier, I would recommend that you look at super sidecut skis.  These skis can help make a strong intermediate a carving turner very quickly.  These skis are wider at the tip and tail and narrower in the waist.  They ski much shorter than traditional skis, but with no loss of control.

I recommend you rent a few different brands of super sidecut (or "carver") skis to see if you like them.  You will have to rent from a shop that offers "performance" ski rentals not just a work-a-day shop.

Once you have determined a brand and design of ski you like, the shop can help you determine the best length.  If you prefer, you can write back with the various brands and styles, and we can discuss the optimum length ranges for you on each ski.

Have fun trying out skis!  

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