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Foot Pain & Numbness


I get numb painful feet in my boots which i have been advised by a ski physio is down to tight calf muscles making my heels lift. I have been given a heel life which hasnt helped, but this season i will be stretching a few months before and getting deep tissue massage to lengthen the muscle.

Do you know anyone that this has actually helped? or am i a lost cause?

Hi Alice and thanks for the questions...

Painful feet can come from a number of things - shortened calves, fallen/flat arches, pressure on a nerve, damage to the bones [hairline fractures] or reduced blood flow to the area to name a few.  Because the heel lift hasnt helped im thinking fallen arches??

A podiatrist can look at your feet to see if there is a problem there - fallen arches, malformations ect which you can then get your boot liner adjusted for. Fallen arches will make your feet ache especially under the arch and ball of the foot. You can also get heel pain & numbness. Usually corrected with a arch lift footbed. I have had clients iv had to correct their boots on snow using a few tissues in their sock, works surprisingly well in the short term.

The shortened calves will be pulling on the achilles and making you want to stand more on your toes or outsides of your feet. Do you wear heels in your day to day working life? You may be more prone to the shorter calves. Are you able to walk bare feet for very long?
Talk to your physio about best footwear to be wearing to correct this problem - you may have to shorten your shoe heel over time until you can walk in flat shoes?

Keep doing the stretches - not only for your calves & achilies - but your hamstrings, quads, lower back and abs as they all pull on the calf. If you like yoga or pilates they would suffice as they stretch the whole body. Remembering the bodys muscles all overlap thus effecting more than just the problem area.

Other than that - you should rule out any sort of 'compartment syndrome' as you stated your feet go numb [this indicates reduced blood flow &/or pressure on the nerves]. Your GP will do this. He can also request a doppler to look at blood flow in your legs if needed

One last suggestion may be to strap or tape part of the foot for support if needed.

But you are not a lost cause, it's just going to take a bit of time to find the underlying cause and the best way for you to correct it.

good luck and id be interested to hear how you go.


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