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Want to start surfing

Hi Lee,
I`m 52 6`1" and live in the San Diego area.
I`m recovering from two serious spinal surgeries, one that partially paralyzed me before the surgery.  I`m doing well, but recovering.  I`ve been advised to swim.  I want to take up surfing.
I`m familiar with the water as I snorkle, and have a crusing sailboat.
Where do I start?
I looked at boards and spoke to a few salesmen. I get varied answers all designed to sell me a surfboard with the boards costing upwards of a $1,000.00.  I weigh 250 but am in pretty good atheletic shape.  (The extra pounds are post surgical)
What board do you recommend for me such as size, shape, length?
How do I get started?
Are their any good training videos?
I want to start as cheaply as possible.
Kindest Regards.
Sam Frazier

Hello and nice to hear from ya. I have as well had to recover from some injuries, so make sure you are fully confident in your physical abilities, so you dont aggravate the healing process. I have done this to myself and prolonged time out of the water.                                    As for the board length etc, you are a big boy and also to start out you want something that will float you and be stable to learn on, so you will want a larger board. To get started in the right direction I would recommend the new fun shapes, egg etc, that gives you the flotation, paddeling ability, etc, in the 7 foot to 8 foot range. The other way to go is to get a modern longboard, log, in the 9 to 10 foot range. The egg shape will ride closer to what you want to end up on, so try that. Yellow pages, call around, concentrate on areas that have lots of shops, competition, like Leucadia, Encinitas, its worth the hunt if you save 400 dlls. 1000 dollars is way out of line. Best way to learn is to go with others who surf, and surf often. Check out some suf camps this summer, they have some like Pazkowics at San Onofre, maybe some S.D.city day camps, if you would rather do that, and above all, smile, you are in for the time of your life. Your freind, Leroy.  


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