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breath control

QuestionCould you elaboprate on hissing into the regulator mouthpiece. Is this accomplished by closing the airspace in your mouth using your tongue? What h

scuba class

Questionhi i am going to be going to africa to volunteer for whale watching etc., and we will be doing some scuba diving so i need to learn how to do it be

sore throat

Questionevery time i go diving the next day my throat becomes so sore i can hardly swallow, for about 1-3 days, any comments, orherd of this ?   Answe

back mount b/c size

QuestionI am buying my own SCUBA equipment for the first time.  Ill be diving primarily on salvage sites in the Florida Keys--bottom excavation, not s

Breathing difficulties while diving

QuestionHello, I recently started Scuba Diving and obtained my Open Water through PADI.  I took my open water in Georgian Bay where the water is quite

gauge setup

Questioni have just bought a mares mr12 yoke and a mares rebel 1st stage and mares depth gauge to replace my old gear.   when i conect all my hos

re-learning scuba after many years

QuestionHi James; He has not dived at all in the last few years. If he has to get re-certified, is it universal? Does it have to be in the state where he d


QuestionWhat is the minimum surface interval required between a dive to 60 feet for 40 minutes followed by a dive to 50 feet for 60 minutes?   AnswerT

BCD & Reg Selection

QuestionHi James, I am a Allexpert with skiing, and I finally get to ask a question rather than answer! Hope Im not too wordy. Anyway,I am looking for a B


Question1.)What is the difference between the two types of regulator connectors (Standard 200 Bar and DIN 300 Bar)? 2.)Which regulators work best with the

Agency Affiliation

QuestionHi Mike, I am considering taking on scuba as a career, either as an instructor or possibly in conjunction with owning a dive shop.  I am curr


QuestionHi Henry, I am considering working at or owning a dive shop someday.  I am pursuing my instructor training, but dont have a lot of experience

expansion of tourism

QuestionGood afternnon: It is karen Pena Carames a student in the touurism area. I would like to do my disertation about the expansion of the areas for div


QuestionGood afternoon i am starting to be interested in diving and in the underwater world and I found that I need a license. Why I need a license? Which

mares bottom timer

QuestionHello, I have a Mares bottom timer thats fairly old.The only numbers on it is 09.91 and the face has green,yellow and red color bands across it.The

Divemaster Program

QuestionJesse, I am 4 dives away from obtaining a Master Scuba Diver rating and am thinking about going into the Divemaster Program through my local 5 star

ear problems and beginner diving

QuestionI have a middle ear problem which requires a tube to be placed in my eardrum.  If I take a beginner diving course (only 25 feet) prior to this

SCUBA repair

QuestionHow much per reg can a repair tech expect to make? AnswerBarney, While repairs/overhauls of regulators are usually priced per stage of the regula

Ear pain due to blocked water in middle ear

QuestionDear expert, I found this item on the net. Could you let me have your opinion on its possible efficiancy? The link is: http://cgi.ebay.com/Ear-Pain

kevlar material

Questionhello mike, i am interested in developing an idea could you tell me where i could purchase the kevlar material thanks mary AnswerHi Mary, Thanks

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