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Why no weights?

QuestionQUESTION: Hi Mike.  I took my first lesson last night and am thrilled from the experience.  I have good instructors and that makes a worl

Zipper Problem

QuestionHenry. I have an old gear bag that I now use for boat dives. It is mesh and has two zippers both of which are stuck open and caked with sea salt. I


QuestionQUESTION: Hello My name German Solano Im studen at Embry-Riddle University, Right now Im taking a class about Resech methods, and I would like to d

age limits

QuestionHi Mike. I am 60 years old and am considering taking a scuba course before my holiday in Malta in June.I used to jog 3 miles three times a week unt

NAUI vs. PADI Divemaster/instructor

QuestionI am a NAUI certified diver & am interested in becoming a Divemaster & Instructor to eventually be employed in the Cayman Islands area. Is there an

good diving for beginners

QuestionQUESTION: My family is interested in becoming certified and then taking a trip to dive someplace warm...we love the tropics.  Can you recommen

Recertification Dive Cylinders

QuestionDear Sir, I have a somewhat particular question. I have been emigrated to the US from Europe. I brought my diving cylinders (steel, 10L) from Euro

dry-suit diving

QuestionGreetings Mr. Scott, My wife and I are moderately experienced divers with about 100 logged dives each. WE are dry-suit certified, but have hardly u

Scuba diving equipment

QuestionHi Mike, I have problems with my lower back and would like to know what type of BC and weights (other dive equipment)are the best for me to use. &

Underwater photograpgy and Videography

QuestionHello, my name is Dan Wachter and am 19 years old. My entire life I have been fascinated by the underwater world, and am thinking seriously about a

snorkel/scuba eq. for breathing impaired

QuestionI`m looking for someone who could direct me to mainly snorkeling eq. for a person who breathes through a stoma (hole in neck). Any info would be ap

Age Limit for Divemaster

QuestionQUESTION: Hi James, Within the last year I have become real serious about my diving. I have worked my way up from PADI OW to rescue diver. I would

Certifiying with My Son?

QuestionMr Giles, My 14 year old son and I intend to take lessons and certify through our local NAUI program...hooray! Its been suggested though that I sho

Removing water up the nose

QuestionHi James, I have decided to take up scuba diving and am taking the Scuba Diving certification ( NAUI ). I have always been comfortable in the water

domincan republic diving

QuestionHi Gustavo, could you tell me if you know what the visibility and water temp is like year round on the north east of dom repub? Las Terrenas region

setting up a dive school

QuestionHi Mike, would you be able to give me some advice re procedures regarding regulations for owning a dive school? where should i look for information

Scuba Diving training

QuestionI am really looking to find out where I could go to get certified.  I had done a discover Scuba Diving tour on my last Cruise to the caribbean

proper dive weight

Questioni shallow dive in rivers gold mining using a hookah system, i am 6 1 245LBS old and over weight by about 35 to 50 lbs. i use a 7mm farmer john and

full face mask for cold water

Questioni am using a hookah system and diving in very cold water, i currently use a rubber full mask but it it too narrow and i have leak recamend and ridi

open water

Questionlast year i became a confined diver with padi here in england but recently in cuba i done my open water with acuc he filled in my padi forms and si

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